Hello Out There!!


Here’s to FINALLY getting a blog post up! Yay! I think like many things taking the first step can be the toughest part so I am happy to begin my blogging journey today.  Seriously, the idea of getting my first post up has been on my mind for a while because I absolutely love sharing, inspiring, and being inspired by others to think and live a healthy lifestyle.

My favorite part about the word “lifestyle” and why I have incorporated it into the name of my nutrition practice is that it implies a few things:

  • Long-term health and wellness rather then short term/yo-yo and fad dieting. We ALL deserve good health and a strong sense of well- being.

  • Progress instead of perfection. If we set our expectations up to achieve progress instead of perfection we set ourselves up for much MORE success in the short and long run. For example, if we do not achieve a goal and are expecting perfection from ourselves it may lead to less motivation to try again or try something different. Motivation helps drive success and success helps to keep us motivated so it is key to do what we can to set our mind, environment, and expectations up to promote and drive both motivation + success.

  • More fun with food and life! That diet out there that restricts all of your favorite foods or a large amount of calories or one or more entire food groups may get you some weight loss but is that diet enjoyable? And is it a realistic way to live and maintain results? My approach and goal is to make healthy eating flexible, fun, and easy. Life is too short to not enjoy your favorite food so finding a balance that includes the foods you love + eating and LIVING in a way that will allow you to manage health and weight is key.

  • Looking beyond food. Sure – what we eat plays a big role in how we feel on a daily basis along with our current and future health status. But so do other things! Eating habits may be one piece of the lifestyle - wellness puzzle but there are many other important factors to consider and work with. Some of these other lifestyle factors may even trigger what and how we eat. Stress level and how we cope with it, work-life balance, movement and exercise, support systems, home and work environments, and self-care, love, and fulfillment are a handful of those other puzzle pieces. Addressing some of these lifestyle factors before the food piece may natually help lead to healthier eating.

So that’s a bit on my wellness and nutrition philosophy!  Thought that would be a nice blog opener.  In future posts I plan to share more personal and learning experiences along with lots of fun themed posts (we’re approaching fall, pumpkin, and apple season…), recipes, and food/lifestyle tips. 


Cheers to Health,