Corporate Wellness Services

Incorporating wellness initiatives at work is becoming a common practice and for good reason.  The average American spends 40-50 hours at work per week.  This creates a wonderful opportunity to promote wellness, by offering easily accessible health resources & programs at the worksite.

Employee Nutrition Counseling

Easy to implement and often no cost for companies/organizations that provide employee insurance!  Providing employees with the opportunity to meet with a dietitian, at work, is a convenient way for them to address health goals and discuss recommendations & lifestyle strategies tailored to them.  

What's needed to implement an employee nutrition program:

An available space to hold sessions, a scheduled day or multiple days per week, month, or year to have the dietitian on site, and an email/notice sent out to all employees to promote the service.  Everything else from scheduling and confirming appointments to tracking program participation can be managed by the dietitian.

Additional nutrition program offerings:

  • Free access to Healthie - our smart phone app and personal health platform.

  • A personalized meal plan.

  • Complimentary nutrition/wellness presentations.

  • Quarterly advanced body composition assessments ($160 savings per person).

  • Semi-annual reports on the effect that nutrition counseling has had on employees and participation tracking (submitted to the employer).

 Advanced Body Composition Assessments

This test serves as a health screening tool and may be completed during nutrition consultations or as a single service to compliment already existing work-site health initiatives.  

Using the Inbody 230 we are able to provide our clients with a quick and reliable way to measure body composition.  This test uses bio-electrical impedance, an advanced type of technology that measures the resistance of body tissues through the flow of a harmless electrical signal.  This testing involves the individual standing bare foot on the scale.  After the analysis is complete, the individual receives a personal results sheet, indicating body composition measurements, and an explanation of results.

This 30-second test measures and reports:

  • The amounts and percentages of fat and muscle throughout the body

  • How individual body composition compares to healthy expected ranges

  • How many calories are burned per day

Assessing a person’s ratio of muscle to fat mass is a more accurate indicator of health risk than looking at total weight and BMI. Data provided allows for the tracking of individual progress and health risk.

Health & Nutrition Presentations

We offer work-site and group presentations on a variety of nutrition topics.  Materials and handouts are provided on the topic of choice.

Have a topic your employees are interested in?  We are happy to customize a nutrition presentation based on employee/employer interest and nee

Popular Topics:

  • Healthy Eating for Busy People

  • Healthy Weight Loss

  • Managing Emotional Eating

  • The Scoop on Blood Pressure

  • Nutrition Simplified

  • Gluten: What it’s All About

  • The Macros

  • Sugar Busters

  • Healthy Holidays

  • Boost Your Metabolism

  • Kickin the Cravings

  • Mindful Eating


Corporate & Community Partners

Corporate Client Testimonials

Rachel has been providing Nutrition Counseling sessions to our employees since August 2013 as part of the College’s Employee Wellness Program Initiatives. The employees have been very positive about their interactions with Rachel, as well as her helpful recommendations to improve/enhance their nutritional efforts to live healthier lifestyles. Rachel has met with employees at both the Blue Bell and Pottstown campuses. Rachel has also presented Lunch & Learn Programs on a variety of pertinent topics related to healthy eating strategies and has received very positive program evaluations.

I have enjoyed working with Rachel to setup the MCCC Nutrition Initiative, as well as keep it going since my retirement as Director of Health & Wellness Initiatives from the College in January 2014. I continue to work limited part-time hours at the College to help facilitate the Employee Wellness Program. Rachel is very easy to work with, communicates well, and provides follow up reports in which she summarizes the number of appointments and employees, the effectiveness nutrition counseling has had on employee wellness, and some testimonials from employees. I highly recommend Rachel for inclusion into your business.
— Grace Spena, former Director of Employee Wellness at Montgomerey County Community College
I just wanted to share that I think this is one of THE BEST benefits and health & wellness opportunities the company has EVER offered to us. It is truly making accessible to employees a key resource in improving our health and wellness. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Art and think there is benefit in this service to individuals at all levels of their health and wellness journey. His approach is realistic and encouraging and I look forward to continuing using this service in 2019.
Kudos to the individual(s) that thought to bring in this service!!!!
— Erin
My initial consult with Rachel was convenient because she came to my workplace. She worked with my employer and insurance to make the visit happen seamlessly. She listened, took notes, and was patient as I described my current lifestyle. She answered my questions and provided suggestions. She is knowledgeable and understanding. We set a plan for ways to make my lifestyle healthier and with the recent changes in my life it was invaluable information. I look forward to my follow up visit.
— Katina F.
Rachel came to our business and met with several of our employees that wanted a healthier life style. She has just been wonderful in all of her knowledge! Rachel follows up with every questions that have been asked. She has truly been an inspiration to our employees. We all look forward to her monthly visit.
— Sue Baker, Title Clerk at Fred Beans Ford Dealership