We understand that life is hectic - work, family, finances, social life, self care - it’s a lot to balance and can get stressful. Diets and fads just make trying to reach weight goals even more stressful because they revolve around set rules and restrictions. Why lose 20 lbs in one month if you’re just going to gain it back the next month? Diets and fads not only can be stressful but results achieved tend to not be sustainable.

Our 1:1 nutrition coaching program not only helps you to achieve your weight/wellness goals, we focus on how to SUSTAIN them because we are fully invested in you and your long term success. It’s so much more then achieving a result - in order to be truly successful it’s important to understand and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that makes your weight goals/results sustainable.

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Meet your Dietitian Nutrition Coaches - Rachel Meyer, Art Fogelson, and Michelle Cullen!

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I enjoy that Rachel does not set unrealistic or lofty goals. The theory that any improvement is a step forward, tricks you into getting big results by taking baby steps. She is very good in her field. I would highly recommend her.
— Michael B.
Rachel is very professional and knowledgeable in the information that she provides to our group that she meets with. Very friendly and personable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a nutritionist.
— Angela G.
Excellent Service! Rachel is a great listener and provider of info. She tailors the info to the individual’s needs while also hitting all the key points about nutrition. She gives great recommendations on what to eat & what to look for in foods when buying. Looking forward to following visits.
— Nancy A.
I met with Rachel for the 3rd time for assurance that I am remaining on track with my nutritional needs while losing weight. Rachel’s professional and kind demeanor reinforced my new-found practices and allowed me to set new goals. Thank you, Rachel. I’ll be back.
— Linda W.
Rachel is just great! She is a wealth of knowledge and I am learning so much! Last visit we measured my BMI and that was even more informative. We have a concrete plan in place and I am working toward my goal of fitness and health with her help.
— Jacqeuline C.
Rachel is very knowledgeable about foods, their nutritional values and the varying effects that food can have on one’s life. She consistently guides and supports, acknowledging the positive changes that one makes. Rachel also shares recipes and ideas for goal setting. She is terrific!
— Debbie L.

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